On September the 5th G-Star RAW for the Oceans made a splash at New York Fashion Week led by the collaborator and co-designer, Pharrell Williams. Pharrell hosted ‘Ocean Night’ at the historic 23 Wall Street building where he took the stage with 12 models to introduce the RAW for the Oceans Spring/Summer 2015 Collection. The event also celebrated the launch of the Fall/Winter 2014 Collection, the first release for the Raw for the Oceans campaign.

The night carried a unique oceanic theme, as underwater projections were cast and reflected throughout the venue and collection pieces were presented inside custom aquariums that cleverly created a magnifying effect of the fabrics. The evening was further enhanced by a special musical performance from Kraftwerk founder, Florian Schneider. During the weekend a street shoot has also been organized, providing people with G-Star RAW Eyewear If you are curios to read more: http://rawfortheoceans.g-star.com/#!/post/96713603166 Enjoy also the video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LeP5QvzMXSc&list=UU73JDQ38E-JY4QrQ0YS-DVQ To get more info visit: www.g-star.com

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